Top Five Porn Stars With Fake Tits

It is not a secret that a lot of men like watching women with big breasts in porn. Big breasts are something that is considered a cultural value in the majority of modern cultures. Men everywhere tend to prefer women with bigger boobs than with smaller if talking only about physical parameters (when they like a particular woman, the size of breasts really does not matter that much).

Some scientists believe that this preference has its roots from the ancient time when it was believed that woman with curves will have an easier time carrying many children, and obviously a woman with big breasts will have easier times feeding them. So such women were valued for propagation, and as a result, the image of a woman with big breasts as more attractive was rooted in the unconscious of most men.

Today, big breasts have nothing to do with carrying and feeding babies, as it was already proved that it all depends on other factors, but women with bigger boobs are still considered more attractive. Some men developed a whole fetish out of it, and as the result, there are numerous porn actresses that enhance their physical appearance to tap into this target audience.

The Top Five

There are hundreds of them, but the post is not endless, so let’s discuss only five:

  • Hitomi Tanaka – one of the most liked Japanese porn actresses with fake tits. She really impresses with her size, and obviously, this is not typical for Japanese women overall. Perhaps this caused her popularity. In addition, it must be said that her breasts even look almost like natural, just very huge.
  • Charley Atwell – this actress obviously has fake boobs, and they do not look natural at all, rather they look like balloons. However, she is the favorite of those men who love big and bouncy tits.
  • Ava Addams – this pornstar can be considered as the one having not only big, but also beautiful breasts. Her plastic surgeon must be really proud of his creation, because Ava’s boobs, being huge, are in no way ugly and look almost natural.
  • Patty Michova – Patty is one of the luckiest among the porn stars with fake boobs, because she has got curves and her boobs look natural due to that. Well, almost natural. The size and shape and good, and the surgeon formed some unusual nipples which make them look pretty individual.
  • Kayden Kross – this pornstar has a smaller size than the ones discussed above, but she has curves and her boobs, although obviously fake, look almost natural considering her whole body. The unusual part is her protruding nipples, but perhaps this is what men like about their favorite porn actress.

If you want to discover more and perhaps stumble upon your next favorite, google some pornstars with big boobs!