Top 5 Perversions in Porn

Most people consider sexual perversions to be something that other people have to be ashamed of, or something that should not be talked about, or something that must be banned right away. However, this is not the case. The majority of sexual perversions that real people experience have nothing to do with anything ugly or dangerous.

If to think about it, many things that today are considered within the borders of the norm, or just somewhat weird, were believed to be awful perversions in the past and the people were punished severely. Lesbian sex is a good example. However, today, it is generally believed that any perversion that brings no harm to other people (or creatures, like animals) may be weird, but overall accepted.

Therefore, there is little surprise that all those small harmless perversions were given enough attention by the porn industry. The task of the porn studios is to make each potential user satisfied and come back for more, so they tap into different variations of the norm to find those small things that are exceptionally sexy for some people, and this is valued because most people have to safe space to satisfy their special sexual interests.

Top Five Weird Things That Arouse People

People get sexually aroused by different things, and some of them can be considered totally weird. Here is the list of the most curious and harmful things that are called perversions, but people still enjoy them, and studious make porn videos about them:

  • Galactophilia – this is sexual attraction to human breast milk or to lactating women. There are a lot of porn videos featuring this. This attraction, however, is likely to be easily explained scientifically. Women have milk due to certain hormones working in their bodies, and the smell of the body and the milk, caused by these hormones, arouse some men very much.
  • Ursusagalmatophilia – this is a really weird perversion, also totally harmless, despite the fact that it sounds intimidating. This is sexual attraction to and arousal because of stuffed animal toys. Unexpected, huh? The most popular object is stuffed Teddy-bear, but the philia is not limited specifically to bears; perhaps personal preferences define the type of stuffed animal.
  • Dacryphilia – sexual perversion of being aroused while watching someone crying. For porn videos, it is very easy to make the person cry by using special medical eye drops that cause tears for a prolonged period of time. On the other hand, in private life and if not being aware of it, the person with Dacryphilia may demonstrate aggressive behavior to make the people they love to cry, and to get sexual arousal due to it.
  • Sex with Puppets – this is a rare pervasion, but it is still there. Some people get aroused of the thought of having sex with puppets. This plot is sometimes used for porn movies.
  • Pony play is a BDSM game where some people are dressed as ponies, and other people ride them.

Hope it was fun to read!