The Best Funny Stories About VR Porn

Virtual reality porn offers additional opportunities for pleasure and satisfaction for the users, that are impossible to get while watching usual porn movies. For example, the sound and the image are really high-quality, and due to helmet or glasses, there are no distractions that are present when one watches porn simply on his laptop.

However, these very benefits can lead to hilarious outcomes when something suddenly goes wrong. Check out some funny stories about guys watching VR porn and being not alone in the room.

Story About Tea and Cookies

Jake came home for vacation and took the virtual reality helmet with him to enjoy the games and also some porn while he stays at his parents’ house. While at the university, he shared this helmet with friends in the dorm, but now he will enjoy this pleasure by himself, without the need to share with anybody.

Once Jake decided to watch some porn in the VR helmet. He usually locked his door and watched porn late at night, when everybody was already sleeping. He thought it was late enough, and felt too lazy to go and check. So Jake found a video he thought he would like, put on the virtual reality helmet, made the sound loud enough for a more realistic illusion, and the fun began.

After about 20 minutes Jake finished his virtual reality porn session which he really enjoyed this time. He took off the helmet and suddenly noticed a cup of tea and a bowl of home-made cookies his Mom baked in the afternoon. He guesses that his mother came to the room, brought him tea and cookies, put them on the table and left while he was watching very hot porn being in his virtual reality helmet. That’s what we call no distractions.

High-Quality Sound

Darren has bought his first virtual reality kit and was so anxious to watch some kind of movie that he constructed the glasses out of this kit and decided to watch his first virtual reality movie while going home by train. However, the first more or less high-quality movie he could find was a porn video. Darren thought that, well, that doesn’t matter, because no one will see what he is watching. His glasses made the image visible only for him, while for the sound he wears headphones.

When Darren boarded the train, he attracted a lot of attention with his huge glasses, but when everybody took their places, it seemed everything goes fine. Darren watched the video which turned out to be pretty hot, and was actually very aroused by it, so on his station, he hurried to stand up and leave. However, when he took the glasses off, he found out that the headphones were unplugged, and everything he heard everyone around also heard during the 25 minutes ride. Luckily, people around were laughing and no one was aggressive.