Why Porn is So Popular

Pornographic images have been with the humanity ever since the humans became developed enough to draw a human form on the rock and enjoy it. It exists for centuries almost in all cultures of the world, and what is interesting, the most developed cultures can boast the most elaborate pornography. In contrast, primitive cultures have no such notion, because they engage in direct sexual intercourse with the members of their tribes and use no imagination for sex. In some primitive societies, anything that resembles it is a taboo.

But in most societies, even today when sex before marriage is allowed, porn is still extremely popular. People of different genders, ages, and social strata watch it occasionally or on a regular basis. Shooting and selling sex videos became legal in many countries because the government became aware that it is better to make it legal since people will still enjoy it.


There are a lot of reasons why people enjoy sex videos, and each particular person can have a separate reason or several of them at once. They are, but not actually limited to the following facts:

  • porn is an entertainment. It sounds weird, but for some people, watching it is an entertainment and a type of relaxation. Some do not even masturbate each time they watch sex video (although most of the cases they do). Porn switches their brain into a different mode and people are able to relax and to feel pleasantly aroused instead of stressed.
  • porn is an ability to “have” sex the person cannot have. Firstly, there are bedridden or homebound people who are unable to maintain social contacts or to have sexual intercourse, for different reasons but are able to have sexual pleasure and satisfaction. These people benefit directly from adult content. Secondly, some people may want sex with a person of another race, for example, but there are no such people in their social circle. It is a method to at least imagine this.

  • porn is a safe environment for one’s sexual fantasies. Way far from each and everyone goes and makes his or her sexual fantasy a reality every time one has it. Sometimes, it is impossible (like having sex with a celebrity), sometimes, it is weird and the person is not sure they will be able to find the possibility to do that. Other times, it can be dangerous or illegal to do that in real life. However, if there is porn about it, there is a high possibility that it was well-made with the consent of all the parties, and the person can safely explore their sexuality and sexual desire without getting into weird situations.
  • porn is a method to borrow new ideas and poses for sex. Most people have sex with people they love or like, and maintain monogamous relationships. With time, they get bored and therefore borrow new ideas from sex movies.

All these things make porn so popular.