Top Five Porn Stars With Fake Tits

It is not a secret that a lot of men like watching women with big breasts in porn. Big breasts are something that is considered a cultural value in the majority of modern cultures. Men everywhere tend to prefer women with bigger boobs than with smaller if talking only about physical parameters (when they like a particular woman, the size of breasts really does not matter that much).

Some scientists believe that this preference has its roots from the ancient time when it was believed that woman with curves will have an easier time carrying many children, and obviously a woman with big breasts will have easier times feeding them. So such women were valued for propagation, and as a result, the image of a woman with big breasts as more attractive was rooted in the unconscious of most men. read more

Top 5 Perversions in Porn

Most people consider sexual perversions to be something that other people have to be ashamed of, or something that should not be talked about, or something that must be banned right away. However, this is not the case. The majority of sexual perversions that real people experience have nothing to do with anything ugly or dangerous.

If to think about it, many things that today are considered within the borders of the norm, or just somewhat weird, were believed to be awful perversions in the past and the people were punished severely. Lesbian sex is a good example. However, today, it is generally believed that any perversion that brings no harm to other people (or creatures, like animals) may be weird, but overall accepted. read more

The Best Funny Stories About VR Porn

Virtual reality porn offers additional opportunities for pleasure and satisfaction for the users, that are impossible to get while watching usual porn movies. For example, the sound and the image are really high-quality, and due to helmet or glasses, there are no distractions that are present when one watches porn simply on his laptop.

However, these very benefits can lead to hilarious outcomes when something suddenly goes wrong. Check out some funny stories about guys watching VR porn and being not alone in the room. read more

The Most Popular Categories on Pornhub

Pornhub is one of the most popular, visited and viewed websites that offer porn and are available almost around the world. Due to its popularity, Pornhub offers a wide range of different genres and categories. Check this list of categories that are viewed the most frequently on Pornhub.

  • lesbian – this is the most popular category in porn overall, not only on Pornhub. Surprisingly, this category is the most viewed by heterosexual men.
  • hentai – this is mostly loved by the anime fans, however, there are people that hate anime but love hentai. The peculiarities of this category are a specific style of the image, unrealistic features, and abundant speaking and screaming.
  • cartoon – this is different from hentai and includes, generally, any sex cartoon for adults. Cartoons are fun, especially the vintage ones. They also offer unrealistic poses and features, and perhaps that is why they are so popular.
  • japanese – Japanese make such weird porn movies that most porn websites prefer to make a separate category for them.
  • anal – this is a popular category and it is viewed by different users, both male and female of different ages. It all depends on preferences.
  • gay – gay videos are searched for mostly by gays (not a surprise at all!), but also by heterosexual men and heterosexual women. The men may want to satisfy their hidden desire to try sex with another man, while women may search for a video with hot, handsome and brutal men but without another woman in the video.
  • amateur – in reality, such videos are rarely made by amateurs, of course. But amateur videos are in demand because they create the illusion of realness of what is happening on screen. In other words, amateur videos contain a minimum of acting. Or very poor acting, in some cases.
  • milf – these videos feature mostly mature women and not men. Milf videos often are categorized together with stepmom videos. These are often searched by men, perhaps because when children they were once attracted to mothers or older female relatives of their peer friends. Also, in porn videos mature women mostly look not as mature women look in reality, obviously. So the men who look for such videos always pursue an illusion of some kind.
  • big tits – this category attracts a lot of men of different preferences and ages, but it is also surprisingly popular among bisexual women, and also among real lesbian women.
  • teen – in reality, there are no teen actresses (or actors) filming in porn videos in developed countries, because this is illegal and results in penalties and prison. The effect of “teen” is achieved by finding very young-looking actresses with a slim body, small breasts, and childish face features. Men of different ages love those teen videos, even being fully aware this is only an illusion. The actresses also play clumsy and naive girls, which adds to the impression.
  • threesome – this is one of the most widespread fantasies of heterosexual men everywhere in the world. It is for some reason especially widespread among men who are married or in relationships. The most popular idea in this category is two women and one man.
  • read more

    Why Porn is So Popular

    Pornographic images have been with the humanity ever since the humans became developed enough to draw a human form on the rock and enjoy it. It exists for centuries almost in all cultures of the world, and what is interesting, the most developed cultures can boast the most elaborate pornography. In contrast, primitive cultures have no such notion, because they engage in direct sexual intercourse with the members of their tribes and use no imagination for sex. In some primitive societies, anything that resembles it is a taboo. read more